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Knowing when a locksmith is legitimate

The way people source a locksmith in today’s day and age is commonly through the use of internet searches. Although extremely convenient, this can provide a platform for fraudulent practitioners. This is unfortunate, as it can give our industry a bad name as fakes are manipulating and managing to reach out to the public in more sophisticated ways. Fortunately you never have to worry about this if you deal with us; the best company of locksmiths Northampton has. Continue reading

Bathroom locks must provide sufficient privacy too

As an around the clock business, we are capable of helping customers at times when other establishments are closed. This is especially important when you become locked out of your own house, because no one wants to stand out in the cold all night with nowhere to go. Employing some of the most dedicated and talented locksmiths Northampton has, you should get in touch with us whenever you find yourself in trouble. Continue reading

What lock is best?

Something that isn’t often thought of unless you’re avid on security, is what lock is the best? There are many factors which can affect the level of safety, but to help outline the different locks we’ll specify them via door material. TMN are the best locksmiths Northampton has to offer, possessing a wealth of knowledge. Continue reading

External security tips and advice

Often burglaries take place days or sometimes weeks before the actual break in; this is due to thieves not being as foolish as some would think, and planning in advance using many robbery tricks. They usually survey areas and look for the house that is easiest to target. To ensure your property it not vulnerable you need to improve your external security. You can task the best locksmiths Northampton has with doing this. Continue reading

Why choose a professional locksmith, and how to hire one?

With the festive holidays rolling in, one of the busiest shopping periods of the year is underway. This sees huge numbers of people shopping and preparing for Christmas and New Year. However, many homeowners miss one important fact; crime reaches a peak in November and December. This is why it is vital you think about how to safeguard your home this winter, making sure your locks and security systems are working efficiently. At TMN we have highly trained locksmiths Northampton property owners can call on for help with this. Continue reading

Do I leave or replace the locks in my new home?

Being locked out is always annoying, but the night is perhaps the worst time for this to happen. Fortunately, ours is a business that operates on a 24/7 basis, helping customers with their lock troubles whenever they need it. Employing some of the most skilled locksmiths Northampton has to offer, you should contact us the next time you find yourself in less than desirable circumstances. Continue reading