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How technology has helped locksmithing

Being one of the best locksmiths Northampton has to offer, we have seen the industry progress away from many traditional methods due to technology. New technologies have allowed us to better secure our homes. In addition, they significantly alter our approach towards day to day things. Most importantly, it has provided us with more choice; not just lock and key.

The developments in locksmithing

There are many pinnacle points of how technology has progressed locksmithing. One of which was the introduction of smart locks. This technology has supported home security in a much more convenient way. Furthermore, this has only been possible with thanks to smart phones; with many supporting lock and key apps.

As well as smart locks, we have safeguarded our homes even more with HD CCTV. The many locksmiths can install such technology and link it with your smart phone. This has become increasingly popular, as it’s capable of capturing burglars 24/7. Furthermore, the software has multiple features making it suitable for most people.

Although its history isn’t recent, burglar alarm systems continue to deter many thieves from properties. Now, many alarm systems also work with smart phones. If the alarm is ever triggered, it will send an alert to your device. On top of this you can integrate the alarms with your smart locks. Thankfully, many locksmiths possess the expertise to install this technology.

Is this the end of traditional locks?

When examining the progress of technology, it has affected the locksmith industry. However, this hasn’t phased out traditional methods. But instead, it has allowed it to adapt to new security methods; meaning more efficient ways to safeguard your home.

We are a reputable, trustworthy team, enjoying a reputation as one of the best Locksmiths Northampton has. We understand the need for well rounded knowledge of the technology above. However, we still hold experience in conventional locks for older properties.

If you need our assistance, keep us in mind.

Deadbolt lock replacement considerations

As leading locksmiths Northampton property owners can rely on, we know there are many resources for replacing a deadbolt lock. However, not all information will provide you with what you need to know. This is unfortunate, as purchasing and installing the right lock is vital for your safety. Along with this, it’s important to not delay the replacement.

What influences your decisions when replacing a deadbolt?

The following are some of the most common reasons:

-For upgrading security. In this instance, it’s vital to know how much resistance the lock has to force and picking. Keeping in mind the protection your previous mechanism provided is helpful. This way you can understand what you need from a replacement.

– Impaired deadbolt. In this circumstance, you need to know why the malfunctions happened. Additionally, whenever this type of lock breaks it can provide a valuable insight for its replacement. If it’s old, a like for like swap will be fine.

Deadbolt lock replacement factors

When replacing the lock on a glass door, a double cylinder type should be fitted. If the renewal is for security reasons, this is extra important. Fitting the wrong mechanism on a glass door can make it easier for burglars to gain access.

Furthermore, remember to check the measurements before replacing anything. For example, you may need to change the size of pre drilled holes. Keep in mind, there are different factors for euro cylinder and mortise locks. However, if the replacement is the same model and brand, you needn’t worry.

Generally when homeowners upgrade their deadbolt lock, they improve security in other areas also. To make your front door more secure use long screws to fit your deadbolt lock. Additionally, you can install a slipcover.

If you are replacing your deadlock due to faulty fitting, consider investing in the services of the best locksmiths Northampton has. We fit the bill perfectly and will provide the right solution for you. TMN Locksmiths is a 24 hour service for many homeowners, ensuring your peace of mind.

If you need further information, please contact us today.

Extra security measures you can take

Being experienced and professional locksmiths Northampton residents can trust, we have helped many with security issues. Not only do we open locked doors, but also reinforce security within homes. Attempted burglaries are unfortunately common in the UK; fortunately the right knowhow can prevent them. Furthermore, the options available for strengthening security vary.

What home security measures are there?

As a lot of burglars gain access to properties through front doors, it’s important to ensure they’re unsuccessful. Luckily, there are many different security reinforcement features. One of which is reinforcing strips, purposefully shaped like the letter ‘D’ for a good reason. The ‘D’ shaped staple secures cylinder nightlatch or rim lock types. It has proved to be effective in stopping thieves as the steel resists splitting and kicking forces.

Along with reinforcing strips, there are also specialist bolts. They fit to door hinges and work only when the door closes. They will always come in pairs. To truly ensure no burglars can gain access into your home, consider fitting security chains also. Having a chain installed acts as the last prevention barrier, but also gives people extra time to identify a caller.

Moreover, as most doors have a mortice lock considering the investment of these extra security measures is wise. The availability and ease of extra security is helpful for a range of reasons, so why not protect you and your home?

If they require the expertise of highly trained locksmiths Northampton residents should choose us. We possess extensive experience in installing security systems, working with different kinds of doors. Whatever the layout of your property we can help to secure it.

Additionally, we operate a 24/7 service for anyone needing our help; including lock repairs, emergency boarding, security upgrades and installation of master key systems. So, contact us whenever you need help or have concerns about your security.

What actions to take after getting locked out

At some point in your life (unless really lucky), you will get locked out of your home. If you have already experienced it, you can agree it is an extremely frustrating thing. This is particularly true if you have had a long day at work. Fortunately you can call us to find locksmiths Northampton residents can rely on. We work 24 hours a day and always respond quickly in emergencies.

Before calling a locksmith there are a number of things you can do.

Firstly, ensure there is no other possible way of gaining access inside. Often people can leave a window or back door open. It is therefore highly recommended to try every potential way of getting in prior to any other action. This can save you money and the locksmith their time.

Secondly, contacting anyone who are in possession of a spare key is wise. Thankfully, if a family member has one you will be sorted. Occasionally, people forget if they have lent one out to a cleaner, for example; check and ask around to be sure.

One thing that must be completely clear is ensuring you have your ID. It is commonplace for most to carry a form of ID everywhere they go; if you don’t follow this practice, we advise you do in future. No professional locksmith will provide their services if you have no proof of identification. They do this to ensure they don’t aid criminals in gaining access to a house.

When calling a locksmith out, ask for a quote before agreeing you require their services. This way you can have payment ready prior to them arriving. This will also protect you from surprise bills.

Lastly, make sure you’re using services from a reputable locksmith. The last thing you want is a fraud to create additional problems.

Thankfully, TMN Locksmiths are a reliable, professional 24 hour service. We are readily equipped to help you whenever you find yourself in a bit of a pickle. We are one of the most reputable locksmiths Northampton has to offer as a result.

If you ever require our services, please contact us as soon as possible.

Knowing when a locksmith is legitimate

The way people source a locksmith in today’s day and age is commonly through the use of internet searches. Although extremely convenient, this can provide a platform for fraudulent practitioners. This is unfortunate, as it can give our industry a bad name as fakes are manipulating and managing to reach out to the public in more sophisticated ways. Fortunately you never have to worry about this if you deal with us; the best company of locksmiths Northampton has. Continue reading

Bathroom locks must provide sufficient privacy too

As an around the clock business, we are capable of helping customers at times when other establishments are closed. This is especially important when you become locked out of your own house, because no one wants to stand out in the cold all night with nowhere to go. Employing some of the most dedicated and talented locksmiths Northampton has, you should get in touch with us whenever you find yourself in trouble. Continue reading

What lock is best?

Something that isn’t often thought of unless you’re avid on security, is what lock is the best? There are many factors which can affect the level of safety, but to help outline the different locks we’ll specify them via door material. TMN are the best locksmiths Northampton has to offer, possessing a wealth of knowledge. Continue reading

External security tips and advice

Often burglaries take place days or sometimes weeks before the actual break in; this is due to thieves not being as foolish as some would think, and planning in advance using many robbery tricks. They usually survey areas and look for the house that is easiest to target. To ensure your property it not vulnerable you need to improve your external security. You can task the best locksmiths Northampton has with doing this. Continue reading

Why choose a professional locksmith, and how to hire one?

With the festive holidays rolling in, one of the busiest shopping periods of the year is underway. This sees huge numbers of people shopping and preparing for Christmas and New Year. However, many homeowners miss one important fact; crime reaches a peak in November and December. This is why it is vital you think about how to safeguard your home this winter, making sure your locks and security systems are working efficiently. At TMN we have highly trained locksmiths Northampton property owners can call on for help with this. Continue reading

Do I leave or replace the locks in my new home?

Being locked out is always annoying, but the night is perhaps the worst time for this to happen. Fortunately, ours is a business that operates on a 24/7 basis, helping customers with their lock troubles whenever they need it. Employing some of the most skilled locksmiths Northampton has to offer, you should contact us the next time you find yourself in less than desirable circumstances. Continue reading