A guide to safe practice from locksmiths

Keeping your home secure requires a combination of the right hardware and safe practice. For example, there is no point having the most secure locks if you fail to use them properly. With that in mind we want to give you a little more info about what you should be doing. We are the top locksmiths in Northampton, so you can trust these tips.

Where are your keys?

Locksmiths in NorthamptonOne of the biggest mistakes people make is leaving their keys on display. It is worst when it is a location that a burglar could easily get to, such as close to a door or open window. Here they could grab them and then be off with your vehicle or unlock the door and walk straight into your home. The best thing to do is keep your keys somewhere safely out of view where it is impossible to reach them from outside.

Be cautious

Some burglars will do a lot of work before they come and actually try to enter your property. They may even visit and knock on the door to see if you answer and give them a look inside. A good thing to do here is ensure you have a door viewer. This could be a traditional peep hole or a modern camera system. Either way it will let you see who is at the door before you open it to them.

Protect your info

Some people have key tags that include their name and address. This is far too much info to reveal. What would happen if you lose those keys and they end up in the hands of a burglar? They will know exactly where to go to find your home. It is better to avoid these tags. If you do use them, try simply including your telephone number so whoever finds them can call you to return them. You can arrange to meet them in public rather than showing them where you live.

Talk to locksmiths in Northampton

TMN Locksmiths is a team you can rely on 24/7. We ensure that clients can reach us at all hours in case they need help to open, repair, or replace locks. Our services are always first rate and we can offer lots of useful advice like the tips above. Our only goal is to ensure that you can keep your home safe and secure.

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