A master key system can be perfect for landlords

Caring for the security of one property can be stressful. When you are a landlord with many to consider, this becomes complicated and even more worrisome. Not to worry though, as we are the locksmiths Northampton loves to depend on. Through our specialist advice and expert services, you and your properties are in safe hands.

An Ideal System

Master keys make managing multiple properties simple. This is done through having numerous locks in place which each have their own key to access that property alone. In addition though, there will be one master key that can open all of these locks. When a landlord uses a system like this it can be very helpful.

While tenants will hold onto their own keys, you can have access too. This will stop you from having to keep a large number of keys, increasing the convenience. When you need to gain entry in an emergency or you have to do something like repair work while they are not home, this is simple. As long as you keep the master key safe it is a great option.

New Locks? No Problem

Many landlords will change the locks when there is a new tenant moving in. This is a wise approach to allow for peace of mind. You then know that even if the old tenant had a copy of the key, they will no longer be able to use it. However, getting new locks can be expensive and tiring. With master key systems it is easy. Rather than replacing the lock, you can instead reconfigure it.

Choose A Professional

For a premier master lock system or to utilise one of our many other services, give TMN Locksmiths a call. Our work is perfect for various needs to keep your property secure at all times, even in an emergency. This includes lock care, securing properties after evictions and burglaries among other services. Contact the locksmiths Northampton trusts today to learn more.