A simple solution for stuck keys

If you end up in a situation where your key becomes stuck and you are unable to lock or unlock your door, don’t panic. A locksmith can help in this situation and it won’t take too long at all. Actually, if you are ever in need of a locksmith in Northampton, you are in the perfect place as TMN offers 24/7 services for all sorts of needs.

Why me?

If you put your key in your lock and it ends up getting jammed, don’t start panicking; this is something that happens for many reasons. It could be due to accidentally using the wrong key or incorrect operation of the lock. On the other hand, it could be because of lock failure or simply that the key is old or bent.

Who can help?

Locksmith in NorthamptonLuckily, locksmiths can assist you with taking keys out of locks, including Yale and euro cylinder models. They can do this regardless of whether they are locked or unlocked.

It is only natural that when a key becomes stuck in a lock you will want to try and get it out yourself. However, take care not to force it as you don’t want to snap the key or damage the lock. Furthermore, you should not attempt to disassemble the lock on your own in order to get the key out.

Finally, you absolutely should not leave the key in a lock and leave in order to seek help. Simply call a trained locksmith in Northampton who will be able to come and deal with this situation for you without any hassle.

Why isn’t the lock turning?

If it is the case that you can’t move the key in the lock, there are a few different reasons why this might be happening. Firstly, chances are either you have inserted the wrong key, or the key is damaged or worn. On the other hand, if you could still move the lock slightly prior to the key sticking in place then it is likely it’s down to lock failure. Or, it might be because of incorrect lock operation.

A locksmith will be able to help so you can use your locks again. The situation is easier to fix if the key is stuck in a lock for an unlocked door but they can still help if the door is locked.

A locksmith in Northampton can assist you

When you have an issue with your locks or your doors, all you need to do is give TMN Locksmiths. We can work with all kinds of situations thanks to our tools and experience. As a result we can remedy issues quickly. This leaves you with a cost-effective solution along with peace of mind that you have great security for your home or business.

So, reach out now to work with a highly skilled locksmith in Northampton. We can also answer any questions you might have about our work.