Taking on advanced lock complications

Locks can become a problem at times, but that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with them. Whether they could do with repairs or replacements, our team of locksmiths, along with their fully stocked vans, will be there to help. No matter the lock, or the problem with it, we can assist clients all over Northampton.

One of the more advanced tools in our arsenal is that of the electric pick gun, a piece of machinery not unlike that of the generic electric drill. Picks of differing sizes can be connected to the devices, allowing it to be used on an array of different locks. They typically work more efficiently than relying on manual picking.

Some other handy items we are happy to have with us are our key extractors. We know all too well how utterly irritating it can be when a key snaps in two and one half is left stuck in the keyhole. In these situations, locksmiths such as us make use of the extractors to not only remove the broken piece, but any other material that has found its way into the lock. This can be a great alternative to replacing the locks.

In certain instances, we also need to use tension wrenches to solve the issues at hand. The wrenches come in three variations, rigid, medium and light, with each one being needed when a specific amount of pressure must be applied. The majority of locksmiths carry all three, ensuring they have the right tool depending on what the case calls for. Their name might give it away, but tension wrenches are employed to apply controlled turning pressure, so that we can access the shear line.

At TMN Locksmiths, our location at Grange Park gives us the means to swiftly access most of our calls in Northampton within 30-45 minutes. Additionally, our non-destructive approach ensures that your bills remain as small as possible. If you are having lock troubles, our name should be the first on on your list.