Advice on choosing locks for your bike

When you are running a locksmithing service, the best thing you can do is offer support 24/7. Not everyone finds themselves stuck outside their property during the day. It is often at night and in unusual hours. Knowing this, we commit to assisting customers when they require us. In addition, we make it a point to send out the most skilful locksmith Northampton has.

Bike locks are also important

Locksmith NorthamptonIn addition to the locks we find in our homes, there are the ones we use on bikes. These types of locks may not be the most exciting objects in the world. However, thefts are common and a lock functions as a wonderful deterrent.

Attempting to economise on your bike lock is a false economy in reality though. The recommendation is that you should spend around 10% of your bike’s value on its lock.

As you might expect, there are various bike locks to choose from. There are some details you should keep in mind when picking yours though. For instance, weight is a critical variable that influences security and usability. The heavier locks are normally the harder ones to break. Saying this, they are more awkward to transport.

The right balance

The additional weight is something you may not desire if your plans involve ascending a 10% incline on each journey. Yet, the lock could be worth it if your intention is to leave an expensive looking bike on the street all day. Picking the right design is about balancing ease of use with the need for security. If you need advice from the greatest locksmith Northampton has, please speak to us.

A café lock

There are going to be some riders who will want more security when they pitch up at a coffee shop. They tend to go for what people refer to as a café lock. Locks of this nature are very lightweight and typically make use of a combination code. They are brilliant if you intend to sit within one metre of your bike. However, it is not an appropriate choice for when you want to go to the shops in town.

Securing the bike to an immovable object

Once you get to your destination, you must secure your bike to an object that is immovable. Usually, this requires a body part or hand in order to hold the bike still. Yours may be a lock that needs two or more hands to easily use it. This can prove to be something of a pain. The primary part of your lock should be controllable with a single hand. When something is too complex to use, chances are a person won’t bother with it. This can either restrict the bike’s usage or cause the owner not to lock it altogether. For this reason, a lock that is easy to use is essential.

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