Bars, Grills and Safes in Northampton

One of our goals at TMN Locksmiths is to give people the confidence that their property is secure. We offer many services to help with this, including replacing locks and security assessments. In addition, we are the best source of window bars, grills and safes in Northampton. If you need any of them, we can offer a great service.

Why use window bars or grills?

Bars, Grills and Safes in NorthamptonSadly windows can give thieves access to your property if they are willing to force their way through. There are several ways they can do this, from smashing the glass to physically pushing the glazed unit out of the frame.

The best way to prevent this kind of problem is to make it physically impossible for someone to climb through the window. Bars and grills are both great options here. They make the opening too small to climb through and a grill can even prevent a window from being pushed inwards.

So which is better?

It all depends on your needs and the specific window. Bars are a great option because they fit to the outside of the property. This can provide both a strong physical deterrent and a visual one. Some people worry that the bars will harm the aesthetics of the property, but there are lots of attractive designs to choose from.

Grills are a good alternative to bars if you can’t add them to the facade for any reasons. They can be less obtrusive but still provide a good level of protection. Generally they fit into the window frame. Again there are lots of attractive designs available.


If you have any valuables in the property, it may be best to get a safe so you can lock them away. This is a great option for all kinds of businesses and homeowners too. There are plenty of different models to choose from, including small wall units you can hide away and larger floor standing ones.

Bars, grills and safes in Northampton

It is our pleasure to help our clients keep their properties and assets safe. We support both businesses and domestic clients, delivering services they can rely on. If you have any concerns about how secure a window is or want a safe to protect your valuables, we can help.

There are several reasons why you should work with us. Firstly, we are a local company and offer a 24/7 service. On top of that, we supply quality products, fit them professionally, and offer lots of extra support. Our team have experience and are always reliable.

So, if you want bars, grills and safes in Northampton, we are the team to call on. Get in touch and we can arrange to visit your property and help you choose the right products.