Everything you need to know about latch and deadbolt locks

With locksmithing it is very important that we can respond to customers very quickly. After all, we don’t want someone to remain stuck outside for too long. This is why we have a 24 hour service available 7 days a week. When you call, we do our best to be with you within 30 minutes. We also give you the confidence that the best locksmith Northampton has will be the one to rectify the issue. Continue reading

The Yale lock’s versatility makes it a must have

In our line of work, there is one type of service that customers appreciate above all others. That would be a comprehensive, 24-hour one. The reason why is that people often find they are stuck at inappropriate times. Luckily we are available around the clock to open doors and repair or replace locks. When someone asks us for help, we send out the greatest locksmith Corby can give. Continue reading

The ways your locks can start giving you trouble

Commercial locksmith NorthamptonA lock is no different from any other piece of machinery in that it will not last forever. When the locks for your property fail to work the way you need them to, there is no need to worry or panic. TMN Locksmith completes various jobs to excellent standards, including repairing and replacing locks. In fact, we operate 24/7 and aim to arrive in 30-45 minutes so that you aren’t waiting around. We can even work on commercial grade locks and around the needs of businesses. This makes us the residential and commercial locksmith Northampton can count on for all its needs. Continue reading

Knowing when it is time to change the keys for your business

Northampton locksmithIt can be very costly to run a business and you might look at areas where you can save a few pounds. We are here to tell you one area in which you should never do this is with building security. You need to invest in a Northampton locksmith you can trust instead of risking the security of the property. In fact a business can actually save a lot of money from a rekey or changing the locks. This is through not having to deal with the expensive costs of replacing equipment or fixing damage from a burglary. Continue reading

Don’t risk your security with cheap locks

Everyone knows that locks are important for securing doors, windows, vehicles, and more. However, how many people understand the difference in the quality of the mechanisms? Some will simply choose cheap models and expect them to keep everything safe. Sadly, generally the cheaper they are, the less secure they will be. As a result it is better to invest in good quality ones. If you live in Northampton locksmith services are easy to arrange. Simply get in touch with TMN. Continue reading

Expert advice regarding home upgrades after moving

When you move into a new home, you need to look at the security. Is everything in order? Are the locks in good condition? Do you know who has copies of the keys? If there are any concerns you may want to think about upgrades. We can help with this. TMN is an incredibly trustworthy team and can complete various home upgrades. We are the most outstanding locksmiths Northampton is home to, so every client can rely on us. Continue reading

Securing your home

Everyone should be able to feel safe in their home. It can be as easy as making sure you have high quality locks in place. For help achieving this, give the locksmiths Northampton can count on a call. We provide a number of services so that we can cater to different needs. Continue reading