Burglars don’t usually smash windows

The windows are the second most common way burglars can gain access to your property. As a result you need to ensure you take the right steps to make this as hard as possible. The TMN team can help here. We can provide lots of useful advice as well as professional services to install locks and even replace windows. Clients can trust us to do a great job and showcase why we are one of the best locksmiths in Northampton.

Smashing windows

Locksmiths in NorthamptonMany people incorrectly think that burglars are most likely to smash windows to gain entry. While some do, it is not the most common method. There are several reasons why. For starters, breaking the window is noisy and the sound can alert occupants or neighbours.

Secondly, this is also time consuming because they will need to break out all the glass. It takes even longer with double or triple glazing.

Finally, breaking the glass is dangerous. It could leave sharp pieces that could cut the burglar as they climb in and out. This could result in injury and leave valuable forensic evidence behind.

What else could they do?

Instead of breaking the glass, smart burglars will look to prise windows open, either with a screwdriver, a chisel, or a crowbar. This is easiest to do if there is only a single handle. It is even easier if the window is already partially open and on the night locks.

Some burglars will also try to force the glazing unit out of the frame. This is possible on older windows, especially where the seals are old and worn. However, it is harder to do this with newer designs of double glazing.

Locksmiths in Northampton

If you have any concerns about how secure your windows are against burglars, TMN can help. We can take a look at them and decide if you need additional locks or other products to help prevent someone from forcing the window open.

In addition, we can advise you if the windows need replacing entirely. This might be the best option if yours are very old. Newer models will be more secure and more efficient. If you do get replacements, you should ensure they have PAS 24 certification. This shows they have more security.

You can contact us any time you want to speak to reliable locksmiths in Northampton. We offer excellent services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, whether you have an emergency or just want a professional to look at your security, trust us.