Can you hire a locksmith during coronavirus lockdown?

Lots of people have questions about the kind of services they can get during coronavirus lockdown. With limits on all but the most essential ones, a lot of them are not available. However, there are some that you can still arrange if there is an emergency. For example you can still call us to hire locksmiths in Northampton for certain services.

Essential and non-essential work

Locksmiths in NorthamptonWhat you need to think about if you need a locksmith is whether the job is vital. For example, if you cannot open a lock and are either locked in or locked out, you can call for emergency help. You can also call locksmiths if your locks are broken and won’t lock. In both cases you can arrange lock repairs or replacements. Some businesses will also continue to offer auto services if you cannot lock or unlock you vehicle. These are particularly important for key workers.

While some locksmith services are available, a number of them will not be. For example you won’t be able to get lock upgrades if your current ones are working fine. Other things like CCTV and burglar alarm, window grille, and access control installation are unlikely to be available. If you want to speak to locksmiths in Northampton about what services we are offering, contact TMN.

Social distancing

When providing emergency services locksmiths will observe social distancing. If you are in the property, you will be able to isolate in another part of it while the locksmith works on the locks. If you are locked outside, you will be able to keep the two metre minimum social distance while they work. This will help keep everyone safe.

It is important that you notify the locksmith if you or anyone within the property has had coronavirus or any symptoms of it. That way they can take extra precautions to stay safe. Locksmiths should be wearing PPE including masks and gloves on jobs to further reduce the risk of infection on both sides.

Customers can also help to reduce the risk of infection if they need to call a locksmith. For example they can carefully disinfect the door and handle, inside and out, before the locksmith arrives.


CoronavirusSome locksmiths will be working shorter hours because of the lockdown. However, in many cases those who offer 24/7 emergency services will still be available around the clock. This is important as lock issues can happen at any time and many key workers continue to work long shifts and unusual hours to keep the country going.

Call locksmiths in Northampton

TMN is a professional team that is working hard to continue offering first rate services for anyone that needs them. We can offer a fast response 24/7 if you have a lock emergency. When a locksmith arrives we will carefully examine the issue to see what we can do. It may be a relatively simple task to open the lock and repair it. However, in some cases it may be better to replace locks. This is the best option if there is any internal damage or if there is the chance of another failure.

If you need help from locksmiths in Northampton please contact us to discuss services and your situation. While there is a limit on non-essential services during lockdown, we would be happy to give you a quote for other jobs for the future. For example we can give you an idea of how much we would charge to upgrade your locks or install new security measures.