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Have You Been Burgled In Northampton? Do This Next

It’s every homeowners worst nightmare – coming home or waking up to find that your house has been targeted by burglars in your absence.

Of course, the first thing you should always do in this situation is notify the police and have them ensure that nobody who gained access to your home is still there. However, once this is taken care of, your next priority should be to secure your home and leave yourself best protected against this ever happening again. Continue reading

Get your home security right in summer

The UK has had some wonderful weather in the last few days, sending thousands of people to beaches and out into their gardens. While it is great to enjoy the sun, you need to make sure you don’t leave your home vulnerable. The last thing you want is to find out that thieves have popped in to take what they can. We can help, giving people the advice and support of the best locksmith Northampton can offer. Continue reading

Keep your garage safe from thieves

Locksmith in NorthamptonWith summer now in full swing and the UK getting plenty of sun, many people will be spending more time in the garden. Whether it is relaxing with a drink, rolling out the BBQ, or getting stuck in to the gardening, you will probably be going in your garage more often. With that in mind, you should give a thought to how secure it is. The last thing you want is someone to break in. As a top locksmith in Northampton, we can offer lots of useful tips and great services. Continue reading

Lock drilling is a last resort

Whether you lose a key or the lock mechanism itself sticks or breaks, you will want a quick solution. However, you should consider all of the options first. Never rush to breaking down the door or drilling the lock. The best thing to do is to speak to a locksmith to see what they can do. As the top locksmiths Northampton has, we are a team you can always rely on. Continue reading

How good are key safes?

If you want the ability to leave a spare key somewhere it is easily accessible but not vulnerable to thieves, a key safe is a great choice. They are becoming particularly popular in the UK for staycation accommodation. With them, owners can give guests the chance to enjoy contactless check in. If you are thinking of getting one though, choose a quality product and professional installation. As the top locksmith Northampton has, we can offer lots of advice. Continue reading

Some interesting ways to protect your property

Home security is very important in the UK. You should ensure you get it right so that there is minimal risk of someone breaking in. TMN can help. We offer first rate services, 24 hours a day. When you work with us you get the top locksmiths in Northampton on your side. We can repair locks, offer more secure replacements, and install things like window grilles. As a result, we can give you more confidence in your security. Continue reading

Top reasons for broken keys

Most people don’t take the time to look at the condition of their keys. Instead, they simply expect them to open and lock the doors whenever they need them too. Unfortunately, this can put them at risk of a key breaking. If it does, it could result in a lock in or a lock out. The only choice then is to call for help. As the top locksmith in Northampton, we can give people helpful advice that could save them a job. Continue reading