Common situations that require emergency attention from locksmiths

Locks can break on you at any time and in order to aid our customers when they need us the most, we provide a 24 hour, seven days a week service. With vans that are always fully equipped and locksmiths in Northampton that are trained to handle a large array of lock problems, our company is one that aims to give a faultless performance. Whatever the problem is, we will work to rectify it.

In an emergency situation that has something to do with your locks, the one thing you’ll want is a direct line to a service that can assist you whenever it is required. Time and again we have encountered incidents where this kind of solution has been necessary. To help you understand just how crucial such instances are, we feel it prudent to share some with you.

One common issue that we come across is when people have left the house without their keys and have locked themselves outside. This happening to you is less than ideal, especially so at night, but as long as you have our details, there’s no need to panic. We shall be able to come out with our tools and resolve everything as quickly as possible.

One top tip we can give to you is to have a spare key on hand, either with a neighbour or in a safely hidden location that you can access. This will give you a backup plan should things turn pear shaped.

While it’s something that none of us enjoy thinking about, burglary may also result in our services being needed. It is often the case that people become distressed after a break in, but one of the best ways to give yourself peace of mind would be to either upgrade or replace each lock altogether. We can do just that and even secure your property for you with boarding until you can arrange window or door repairs or replacements.

At TMN Locksmiths we assure you that no damage shall befall your property whilst we are working on your locking systems. Whenever we are conducting a replacement or repairs, we will only employ methods of a non-destructive nature to get the job done. If you require our assistance, get in touch straight away.