Is your deadbolt installed properly?

A deadbolt is a very useful device for improving the security of a door. They extend further into the frame than the latch of a lock so they are much harder to break to gain entry. It is wise to install one that you can lock from the outside when you leave the property. This will add additional protection alongside the lock set. You can also choose a second one that can only be locked from the inside if you want even more protection when you are in the property.

The most important thing when you choose a deadbolt is to opt for a quality product that will be strong and sturdy. It is a good move to invest a little in it so you know you get a suitable one. Opting for one made of hardened steel is wise; this will deliver a really great standard of security.

Once you choose a suitable deadbolt you need to ensure it is installed properly. This is crucial because incorrect installation can compromise the performance of the product. It is advisable to call on a locksmith to handle the job for you if you want to ensure everything is done correctly.

A second thing you can do to improve the security of your doors is reinforce the strike plates on the lock and deadbolt. The former is used to allow the latch to click in place and hold the door closed, even if it is not locked. It needs to be sturdy and durable so that when the lock is in operation the latch can’t be forced free.

The strike plate on the deadbolt is different. Instead of holding the latch it reinforces the frame of the door so that it is difficult to smash the bolt free. To reinforce it you should use anchoring screws that are a suitable length so they screw deeper into the frame. Steel strapping can be used for additional protection too.

At TMN Locksmiths we provide flexible services for clients across Northampton. We can advise property owners about door security, including the importance of choosing a suitable deadbolt and ensuring it is fitted properly. We can carry out installations, reinforce existing products and provide upgrades too if the locks and deadbolts you already have are not up to scratch. Our commitment and the quality of our workmanship have made us the locksmith of choice for many local people.