Dealing with a turning lock cylinder

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Door lock issues manifest every so often. We all have to deal with them at some point. However, there are those that are more serious than others. These are the ones you cannot afford to ignore. Doing so could lead to serious issues like doors that won’t lock. The one we want to focus on the most right now is a problem known as turning lock cylinder.

Are things proving difficult?

Locksmith NorthamptonWhen someone puts their key into their lock cylinder, they should be able to turn it to unlock or lock it. However, you could insert it and find the whole cylinder turning. This is telling you that there is a larger lock issue present. You must address this sooner rather than later.

The problem here is one of the simpler ones to diagnose. Solving it is another story. So, if you need the most skilful locksmith Northampton can offer to have a look, please come to us.

The whole cylinder lock could be turning. If it is, there may be a loose or broken set screw. To overcome this problem, you will need to access and tighten or replace it. This solution may sound straightforward enough. However, things vary since you could use a myriad of distinct styles of lock. For example, some of the most secure ones are a combination of deadbolts and mortise locks. You can apply the same concept to some of the most recurring forms of commercial door locks.

Problems that lead to restrictions

The danger with a problem like this is that it restricts when and how you can unlock and lock your door. Basically, this means you may end up stuck outside the office or your home. On the other hand, you may not be able to lock anything up at all. This would allow anyone to get in when they please.

To rectify this issue, you must have access to the set screws. For certain locks, you will merely need to remove the face plate. As for others, you may need to take off part of the lock from your door. When you have access, it is important to check the placement of your screws and start tightening them. If some are rusty or broken, then you will need to replace them.

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