Don’t despair if you have lost your window key

With spring here and summer coming ever closer, one thing we all love to do is throw open our windows and let that lovely breeze of the season through. For a great many of us, however, this is simply not possible. While there should be nothing easier than opening up a window, many of us share the problem of being unable to open them thanks to misplacing the all-important keys.

If you locked your window frames over autumn and winter and put the key somewhere safe, only to find you can’t remember where you put it to open the windows again, you are far from alone. One of the strange quirks of modern life seems to be our ability to instantly forget where exactly we put down those small, lightweight and yet very important keys which come with modern window frames.

Quite a few people take to breaking the locks in order to get them open. We can understand the frustration of losing your key and how breaking the lock may seem like the easiest way to resolve the issue, but we’d always encourage you to call on our services instead. As leading locksmiths in Northampton, we are equally as skilled working on window locks as we are on door locks, vehicle locks and all other forms of locking systems.

Getting a replacement key for a window frame lock can often seem difficult, but this isn’t a problem for our customers as our window lock replacement services are fast and affordable. We are capable of replacing locks in all popular styles of window frames, and deliver this work with highly competitive costing. With our work you will soon be able to enjoy the weather through your windows and still be able to lock them securely, ensuring that they function exactly as they should.