Deter would-be burglars with extra strong doors

It is well known that burglars do not like to make noise or attract attention when attempting to break into domestic properties. Despite this, if a burglar spots a door that appears vulnerable, they are usually not averse to giving it a swift kick to try and break it down. Strong and solid locks are essential, but it can be advisable to add some extra security measures to ensure your home is fully protected.

Try to avoid installing doors with windows, as they filter light into your home and can be inviting to thieves. They can be smashed from the outside, allowing a burglar to access your lock if it is in arm’s reach. If you are installing a new door on your property you may want to consider a windowless one. If your existing door has a window, there are some steps you can take to heighten its security. Opt for reinforced glass or decorative bars. You can also install a second lock at the base of the door making it impossible for a burglar to break or force the lock.

It is often said that a door is only as strong as its lock, which is probably a fair assessment. If a lock is not extended deep enough into a doorframe, a forceful kick with weight behind it can break even the strongest steel door. A one-sided deadbolt has no keyed access from the other side so they can only be used when you are at home, but as deadbolts are extremely difficult to bypass they can offer you peace of mind as you sleep.

If you have sliding doors you can strengthen their security by ensuring they are made from reinforced glass or polycarbonate. You can also place a metal or wooden dowel in the track to prevent the doors being forcefully opened. Additionally, make sure there are curtains or blinds on the inside to prevent burglars being able to see into your home.

If you are looking for ways to upgrade and improve security in and around your home, our team of Northampton locksmiths are here to assist. We can provide a wide range of services to make your home safer, including lock replacements, burglary aftercare and door and window repairs. With our 24 hour emergency call out service, we can swiftly secure your premises after an incident. If your door is kicked in or broken, we can fit new internal or external doors and advise you on security upgrades to prevent it happening again in the future. We understand the stress involved with these kinds of incidents, so make us your first port of call if you experience crime or damage against the security of your home.