Do I leave or replace the locks in my new home?

Being locked out is always annoying, but the night is perhaps the worst time for this to happen. Fortunately, ours is a business that operates on a 24/7 basis, helping customers with their lock troubles whenever they need it. Employing some of the most skilled locksmiths Northampton has to offer, you should contact us the next time you find yourself in less than desirable circumstances.

For the sake of augmented safety, you’re probably going to want to change every lock when you purchase a new house. A fresh set ensures that your property is safe, as no one else will have a means with which to gain access. The information we’ve provided below has been designed to assist those who are considering making alterations but don’t know what approach they should take.

Typically, the front door functions as the principal entry and exit point. As such, it has priority and you must have its cylinders switched first. This is required because the previous tenant or owner might still have a set of keys. Attention must also be paid to the back door cylinders as they are main entry/exit points too. Aside from these two doors, you may wish to think about reworking the locks on the windows, garage, and even outbuildings such as a shed or summer house as well.

After deciding what must be replaced, step number two is to determine what lock types would work best. Deadbolts for example are revered for their security potential, making them prime candidates for front doors. You will also have to decide whether the lock is going in directly into the door or the doorknob. For the other doors, rim-automated dead latches, multi-point systems, and key-locking handles are excellent options.

At TMN Locksmiths, our technicians have experience working in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Specialising in non-destructive methods, there is no danger of us harming your doorframes when we enter the premises. After the door is opened, locks are replaced, new keys are provided and any desired upgrades are made.

If you require aid from the best locksmiths Northampton has to offer, please give us a call. We will be out with you as quickly as possible to determine what service you need. The high standards we consistently achieve have made us a highly reputable company.