Do you have a window on your door?

When many people choose external doors for their home they are primarily thinking about the aesthetics. They want them to look great and enhance the whole property. However, some designs could increase your risk of someone breaking in. You need to take care to avoid this. As one of the leading locksmiths in Northampton, we can offer useful advice here.


Locksmiths in NorthamptonMost external doors will include one or several windows. They are great for the aesthetics and allowing light to enter the property. However, you need to make sure they won’t allow someone to simply smash the glass or push the pane out to gain entry. It is a good idea to choose a product with high quality double glazing. Then you should make sure the panes are securely in place.

Many doors also include sidelights on one or both sides. They are great aesthetically and can make the whole entrance more stylish. However there is the same risk here as there is with windows on the door. You need to take care to make sure someone can’t break in here.

Another thing to make sure is that you have the right kind of lock. What you don’t want is a thumb turn deadbolt. If you do, someone could break or remove a window, reach in and open the door. That would give them free access to walk into your home. The better option is a double cylinder lock that requires a key. You could also choose a door design so that windows are not close to the lock.

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At TMN we understand that everyone wants their doors to look great whilst also being secure. We can help here by installing the highest quality locks. We have experience with various styles and can supply models that meet British Standards. They will therefore offer protection against things like picking and cylinder snapping.

So, if you are thinking about buying a new door and want to install reliable locks at the same time, contact us. We have built a reputation as one of the very best locksmiths in Northampton. Customers can rely on us to offer great prices, expert workmanship, and a friendly service.