Do you have BS3621 locks?

If you apply for home insurance you will likely see a question asking if your locks comply with BS3621. This is something most insurers will ask. In fact, many won’t offer a policy if your locks don’t comply with the British Standard. Some people will struggle to tell the insurer they have the right mechanisms. Luckily, we can help you to identify them. We have a lot of experience here because we are the top locksmith in Northampton.

What is BS3621?

Before we show you how to identify locks, we want to look at the background. BS3621 is an important British Standard. It specifically refers to thief resistant locks, dictating the design and quality. You should have these locks on all external doors because they are more secure than mechanisms that don’t comply with the standard. The designs should offer protection against a number of tactics thieves use to access properties, including lock picking, drilling, and snapping.

How to spot the locks?

Locksmith in NorthamptonThe easiest way to check if you have these locks is to look at the faceplate. It should have the British Standards Kitemark. This is easily identifiable because it looks like a heart with a horizontal B at the top and an S through the middle.

Another thing to look for is the BS3621 standard number. This should also be present on the faceplate. It will usually include a year to showcase which version of the standard the lock complies with. The latest version is 2017 but there are several older ones. The first was in 1963 but there were also versions in 1980, 1998, and 2007.

Which types of lock comply with BS3621?

There are several different styles of lock that comply with this standard. This includes Mortice SashLock and Deadlock, the same two types of Euro lock, and Rim Cylinder locks such as night latches.

For a lock to be BS3621 certified it must meet very specific requirements. For example, it must have a hard plate to prevent lock drilling. In addition, it must be anti-pick, have five levers, and have a bolt throw that is at least 20mm into the door frame.

Ask the top locksmith in Northampton

TMN Locksmiths knows how important high quality locks are. Insurers ask people to have them because they provide better security and more protection against break ins. If you are unsure whether you have them, we can take a look for you. Then, if they don’t comply with BS3621 or are older models, we can offer upgrades.

If you need any help from a locksmith in Northampton, please rely on us. We work around the clock and always strive to offer the best service for the greatest price.