Domestic Locksmith Northampton

Domestic Locksmith NorthamptonOur company, TMN Locksmiths, is here for its customers on a 24/7 basis. We offer an effective and fast service. Additionally, we are always professional with everything that we do. Based in Grange Park, we can get to people living all over the area. The top domestic locksmith Northampton can give is usually with the caller within 30 to 45 minutes. This is the same whether it is late at night, early morning, or the busiest time of the day.

Every locksmith at TMN is a certified professional. Moreover, we have extensive experience working in domestic settings. The lock we are working on could be an antique or a modern, high security model. Whatever the case, we will use non-destructive techniques to gain entry. As a result there will be no harm to your property. Once the door is open we can either repair or replace the locks for you.

Competitive pricing

There is one element of our service in particular that makes us stand out as the best domestic locksmith Northampton has. This is the fact that we provide the most competitive prices for our work. Not to mention, we are entirely transparent when it comes to pricing.

Everyone here works hard to find the most suitable solution for you. We think about which one shall offer the greatest value for money. When you choose to get in touch, one of our advisors shall talk with you. They will tell you what options are available and dispatch a locksmith afterwards. As soon as they reach you, the locksmith will perform an inspection and discuss pricing. Said inspection is free.

You won’t be left waiting

TMN vanWhenever someone works with TMN Locksmiths, they are paying for a hasty service. One of the reasons why is that we double check our vans to ensure they have all the right tools. Every vehicle will also have a collection of components and replacement locks. As a result there won’t be any need for you to wait so we can purchase and order goods.

We even carry materials that can aid us in securing the property if you have suffered a break-in. For broken windows, we can board them up or simply repair them. As for doors, we secure and fix them. Once we finish the job, we will clean up after ourselves too.

Security advice

In addition to securing the property for those clients who have suffered break-ins, we also supply them with security advice. Again this is free of charge. We will inform you of those locks that could do with a replacement or an upgrade. Furthermore, we will issue you with window locks if you need them. If you need us to, the team can even fit security bars onto your windows.

Get in contact to work with the best domestic locksmith in Northampton

If you wish to contact us, you are welcome to give us a call or send an email. The office number is 01604 217 824 and the mobile is 07748 308 357. Our email address is

The finest domestic locksmith Northampton has will be with you shortly after you speak to us. Our service is available 24/7, ensuring you always have the help you need.