Don’t fall for locksmith scams

You need to know that the person you are getting in touch with to work on your locks is trustworthy and will meet your needs. This is what we do through our prompt and friendly service, making us the locksmiths Northampton residents can count on.

Avoid Falling Into A Trap

It is important to check that the person you are calling is a legitimate locksmith. Fraudulent locksmiths will be reluctant to offer details about their work. You should check out their website and look for a physical address.

A professional will ask you for identification when they arrive. This is an important step as otherwise they could be unlocking a house or car that belongs to anyone.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the cost of a service. Locksmiths should be able to offer a quote on the phone. In a very few occasions, this might change slightly when they arrive and realise the situation is different than they first thought. Rogues often try and charge you a significant amount more than the quote once they finish the work.

You should only pay when the work is done and you are happy. There shouldn’t be scratches and your lock should now work fine, ensuring you are able to lock and unlock it.

Carefully choose a professional

locksmiths NorthamptonYou should take a proactive approach and find the details of a locksmith you can trust before you need them. This way you can take your time researching them. You will therefore know precisely who to call if you find yourself in need of urgent help. Looking for someone while you are in a rush can result in you making a mistake and choosing the wrong people.

You can count on us if you are ever in need of reputable locksmith services. Our 24 hour service and great track record is why we are the locksmiths Northampton residents often rely on. You can reach out to us to discuss our work in more detail.