Don’t make it easy for burglars this Christmas

Christmas is meant to be a happy time all about families and spreading joy. Sadly some criminals can’t resist the temptation at this time of year. In fact they may have even more motivation when they see homes full of presents. As a top locksmith Northampton residents can rely on, we want to give people some useful advice about how they can make sure they are not a target for these criminals.

Don’t give them an opportunity

The vast majority of burglaries are all about opportunity. Firstly, the thieves will take advantage of doors and windows you leave open. So, you should get in the habit of closing and locking them. Do this when you leave and at night.

Think about your locks

You may think everything is fine because you lock everything up properly. However, the locks could be what let you down. It is a good idea to check the ones you have on any external doors and ground floor windows. What you want is high quality ones that a burglar will struggle to pick, drill or bypass with force.

Don’t display presents

Many people will be tempted to wrap presents and leave them under the tree where they are visible. While this is a really nice gesture and can show off the wrapping, it could be inviting burglars to have a look. They may see lots of gifts under your tree and decide to break in to steal everything. So, it is better to leave them hidden away until Christmas Eve. You should definitely do this if your tree is on the ground floor and close to windows where people can see or reach in.

Make it hard to hide

Burglars love being able to sneak up to properties. You can stop them from being able to do this by investing in good external lights, preferably with motion detectors. On top of that you can trim hedges and lock up gates beside your property.

Don’t share plans

One of the worst things you can do is advertise on social media that you will be away from home at any point. You don’t want to give any burglar a clear sign that your home is empty and vulnerable. So, try to avoid revealing your plans, especially if you are planning a holiday or a visit with family.

A locksmith in Northampton you can rely on

Locksmith NorthamptonKeeping your home safe from burglars is more important than ever at Christmas. With that in mind, it may be a good idea to talk to a locksmith now to see if there is anything else you can do to improve your security. They could offer all kinds of suggestions, from lock upgrades to new installations.

TMN Locksmiths is a reputable company you can trust at any time of day or night. We will be there to help whenever you need us. So, get in touch today if you need help from a locksmith Northampton residents rate highly. All of our clients can expect great services for fantastic prices.