Don’t risk your security with cheap locks

Everyone knows that locks are important for securing doors, windows, vehicles, and more. However, how many people understand the difference in the quality of the mechanisms? Some will simply choose cheap models and expect them to keep everything safe. Sadly, generally the cheaper they are, the less secure they will be. As a result it is better to invest in good quality ones. If you live in Northampton locksmith services are easy to arrange. Simply get in touch with TMN.

New statistics

Northampton locksmithData from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows why you should not rely on low quality locks. A recent report from them shows in the last four years there has been a 7% rise in the number of break-ins in the UK where the locks were not tampered with. That means the burglars either had keys, the door was open, or they picked the lock.

Lock picking is more of a problem today than ever before. People can easily buy the necessary tools online and watch instructional videos to find out how to do it. With enough practice a burglar could learn to pick a typical cylinder lock in a matter of seconds. If you have a cheap low quality lock, it is even easier for them.

Insurance issues

The ease of burglars getting in is not the only issue here though. You could also encounter problems with your insurance. Lots of providers will only pay out if there is evidence that a lock has been forced to allow access to the property. Therefore if the burglars pick the lock to get in you may not be successful in making a claim.

Insurers are also unlikely to pay out if your locks are low quality, even if they are forced by burglars. In most cases the insurer will require that the locks are BS 3621. We can install these locks for you, ensuring we offer Northampton locksmith services people can rely on.

Which locks to choose?

There are a lot of different price ranges for locks. The cheapest models are generally around £30. However, they are usually the most basic and the least secure. Mid range models tend to be around £70 and offer better security. The most expensive mechanisms are £100 or more. The best ones have small key slots so it is impossible to use lock picking tools to open them.

More advice

There are several other things people can do to improve security. For exampTMN Locksmiths Northamptonle they can change the locks when they move in to a property to ensure there are no spare keys floating around. New tenants should ensure replacing the locks is part of the tenancy agreement. People can also get advice from professional locksmiths and have them provide upgrades if necessary.

Reliable Northampton locksmith services

TMN Locksmiths is a professional team that only uses high quality locks. We can replace existing ones and provide repairs if the current mechanisms don’t work properly. We always offer a great service and ensure our customers are happy.

If you live in or around Northampton locksmith services couldn’t be easier to find. Call us any time of day or night for a fast response.