A dynamic locking system

Master key systems allow multiple people to be issued with a single key even though they have different levels of authorisation. They free highly placed people from having to carry and keep track of a huge number of different keys, whilst also ensuring those lower down the hierarchy only have access to specific places with their key. The system can therefore provide a great combination of convenience and security.

With a master key system, it is simple to define exactly who has access to which areas within a property. This is why the systems are so popular in office buildings, apartment blocks and even shopping centres. The systems can feature many different levels of authorisation to cater for the specific requirements of the property and its inhabitants.

At the top of every master key system there will be a single key or a very small number of them that are able to open all of the doors within the property. These can be issued to building managers, security personnel and cleaners so they can do their jobs effectively. Each one will need to be monitored very carefully because of the amount of access it offers. It is also important to know where each of them is in case a replacement ever needs to be produced.

We have experience of working on all kinds of master lock systems, from the most complex ones to simpler systems with just a few levels of authorisation. We can provide a wide range of services as a result, including opening locks and producing new keys when required. Our skilled team will provide a first rate service and ensure each client’s needs are met.

Our locksmiths work 24 hours a day so they can be on hand to provide rapid services all around the clock. This is particularly important with master systems because if the main keys are lost it could leave everybody locked out of their offices, shops or homes. We work throughout Northampton and do all we can to ensure we respond to calls as quickly as possible to minimise the disruption this would cause.