Ensuring your mortise lock is secure

Mortise locks are very common on external doors because they offer more security than cylindrical ones. They fit into pockets cut into the edge of the door to give them more stability. To function, they require a hole be cut in the frame of the door for the deadbolt. When a key is turned, the bolt extends out and fits into this hole. This secures the door because it means the frame would need to be smashed to allow it to open unless you use the key.

When you install a mortise lock, it is essential that the hole in the frame of the door is the right size. It needs to accommodate the deadbolt and must allow it to extend fully when locked so it can be properly secured. If the hole is not deep enough it will restrict this and mean the door is not fully locked. When this happens a criminal can defeat the lock by pushing the deadbolt backwards.

Locksmiths suggest that mortise holes should be at lease an inch deep to leave enough room for the deadbolt. In some cases the deadbolts will be longer; this will depend on the type of lock you go for. You should ensure the hole is a suitable size to accommodate this. When possible it is always best to make the hole slightly deeper than it needs to be just to be sure there is ample room.

Making sure the mortise hole is the right size is relatively easy and you can do it yourself if you don’t want to call out a locksmith to handle it for you. All you need to do is drill deep enough and make sure it is straight. Try locking the deadbolt once you are finished to make sure it fully extends and doesn’t move.

If you want to maximise security you need to choose the right type of mortise lock alongside ensuring it is fitted properly. For external doors 5 lever British Standard ones are the best. They adhere to BS: 3621 and feature anti-drill face plates as well as a slightly larger reinforced deadbolt.

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