It’s essential to have a reliable locksmith on hand

Lock emergencies can strike at any time, whether you find yourself locked out of your car early in the morning or missing your house keys late at night. The timing can be a huge inconvenience and source of stress, especially when you are unsure how to go about getting access to your property or vehicle. Having the number of a reliable locksmith to hand is wise so you have someone to call on when you need them.

By researching companies in advance you can get a good idea of the reputation of each one and choose a provider that will offer you the best service. You can also familiarise yourself with the prices they charge for services so you never find yourself forced into paying a high bill simply because there is no other option. There are many honest locksmiths in the UK but an equal number of providers to avoid. In an emergency you may not have the time to check reviews and things but rushing in can leave you at risk. By doing the research in advance and having a number handy you can protect yourself.

One of the most important things to remember to check when you choose a locksmith is call out charges. Some will charge you purely for the service of coming out to take a look then add extra for the job, parts and labour. Being clear on charges is important and will save you from overpaying. By choosing a dedicated 24 hour provider you may also avoid having to pay additional fees depending on the time of day you need help.

We are a team of professional locksmiths in Northampton, offering a reliable, round the clock service for clients across the town and surrounding area. We promise fast response times and have the skills to open all kinds of locks. Whenever we open a door we always try to use the gentlest, non-destructive techniques to ensure there is as little damage as possible. If new keys are required we can provide them or switch out the locks for new ones while you wait.