Everything you need to know about latch and deadbolt locks

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Safety is top priority

Locksmith NorthamptonKeeping your possessions and family safe is at the top of the list for most homeowners. Having the correct locks on entrance doors can stop break ins. There are two common kinds of locks for these doors. They are deadbolts and single latches. Bar latches that include chains are a distinct variety of latch. However, you should only use these as secondary ones that link to standard deadbolts or single latch locks.

Both latch and deadbolt locks come with their own pros and cons. As a result, it is good to speak to an expert so you can make the right choices. If you need the finest locksmith Northampton has, please speak to us.

Single latch locks

These have different designs but they possess the same functionality. They are spring loaded and have rounded metal edges. Said edges project from open doors. The locks connect to door handles or door knobs. Outside, they open with the use of a key. As for the inside, there is a turn-style knob. If your internal knob is in the lock position, the door will automatically lock once you close it.

The primary con of this lock is how accessible the turn-style knob is. If a burglar can gain entry, they can turn it easily. Keep this in mind and only use it on doors where it is impossible to reach. You can get advice about where to place them by calling us and speaking to the best locksmith Northampton has.

Standard deadbolt locks

People typically install these as secondary locks above standard single latch ones. They are not linked to handles or door knobs. Thus, there is no way to break either to access the lock’s interior mechanisms.

Deadbolts include a solid metal piece which locks into the door plate’s hollow opening inside the frame. They don’t automatically lock either. Instead, you must manually secure them every time.

There are more secure versions of the deadbolt lock that need you to use a key on the inside as well. You will want to keep track of both keys as not being able to find the interior one could prove disastrous in an emergency.

Surface-mount deadlocks

A major security issue with standard deadbolts and single latch locks is the door-frame locking apparatus. Burglars can hammer, saw, or drill at the frame until the metal bolt starts loosening from the frame. With surface-mount deadlocks however, there is no accessibility from the exterior. Not to mention, you will find the locking mechanism on the door’s backside. This is something you might want to think about when you are shopping around.

Call the best locksmith in Northampton

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