Extra security measures you can take

Being experienced and professional locksmiths Northampton residents can trust, we have helped many with security issues. Not only do we open locked doors, but also reinforce security within homes. Attempted burglaries are unfortunately common in the UK; fortunately the right knowhow can prevent them. Furthermore, the options available for strengthening security vary.

What home security measures are there?

As a lot of burglars gain access to properties through front doors, it’s important to ensure they’re unsuccessful. Luckily, there are many different security reinforcement features. One of which is reinforcing strips, purposefully shaped like the letter ‘D’ for a good reason. The ‘D’ shaped staple secures cylinder nightlatch or rim lock types. It has proved to be effective in stopping thieves as the steel resists splitting and kicking forces.

Along with reinforcing strips, there are also specialist bolts. They fit to door hinges and work only when the door closes. They will always come in pairs. To truly ensure no burglars can gain access into your home, consider fitting security chains also. Having a chain installed acts as the last prevention barrier, but also gives people extra time to identify a caller.

Moreover, as most doors have a mortice lock considering the investment of these extra security measures is wise. The availability and ease of extra security is helpful for a range of reasons, so why not protect you and your home?

If they require the expertise of highly trained locksmiths Northampton residents should choose us. We possess extensive experience in installing security systems, working with different kinds of doors. Whatever the layout of your property we can help to secure it.

Additionally, we operate a 24/7 service for anyone needing our help; including lock repairs, emergency boarding, security upgrades and installation of master key systems. So, contact us whenever you need help or have concerns about your security.