Fake locksmith stickers marking vulnerable properties could come to Northampton!

In 2013 Wandsworth Council made the public aware of a scheme by criminals in which homes are scouted for vulnerabilities such as lack of alarm, faulty locks, and other potential security hazards. Recently stickers advertising 24/7 locksmith services have started reappearing around London. These appear to be linked to the same attempts by criminals to gain entry to homes.

Whether it’s a copy-cat organisation or the same groups doing it, these discrete stickers are being placed on homes in London deemed vulnerable to burglary. The idea is that someone snoops around near a house looking for a possible way to sneak in, whether it’s due to a lock that’s not working properly or some other vulnerability. Once placed, these stickers mark the property for their accomplices to later break into.

Most, if not all, locksmiths Northampton has in the area won’t advertise this way! Compared to some other industries we’re quite old fashioned and most of us don’t promote ourselves with stickers. Instead you’ll easily find us in a web search and many locksmiths can also be found in traditional telephone directories.

A recent ITV article brought these activities to light again. Another thing to be warned about is that these fake locksmiths, if contacted by the potential victim, could easily make a note of what’s wrong with their doors and windows, and use it to their advantage. An appointment could be made and the criminals could then rob the property before the false appointment is due to take place.

Based on the number of police reports on the issue it’s quite likely that this is an organised scam designed to target vulnerable people and places. Do not be fooled if you see these stickers showing up!

TMN Locksmiths is and always will be a first-class professional service; our reviews on our website confirm this. We’re one of the best locksmiths Northampton has around, so you’ll have nothing to worry about with us. Keep our details handy so you can contact us quickly whenever you need help; don’t rely on numbers you may see on stickers.