Don’t fall victim to Facebook burglary

There was a time when you had to wait until you had returned home from holiday and had numerous rolls of film developed before you could show off your snapshots. Social media has changed all that, and we can now share all of our holiday photos in an instant. Uploading sunny selfies and hotel views has become common practice for many holidaymakers, but statistics show that thieves are using social media websites such as Facebook to target properties.

Police throughout the UK repeatedly issue warnings to Facebook users about the potential danger of sharing information that advertises the fact that your property is about to be empty for the next two weeks. Social networks are a daily part of our lives now, but it is important to understand the risk associated with posting certain information online.

It may seem like checking in on Facebook at the airport is a lovely way of telling your family and friends you are off on a well earned holiday, but the reality is you may be making yourself an easy target. Summer is the peak season for burglaries as so many people head off abroad, but more people are leaving the harsh UK weather behind every year now to enjoy a winter break elsewhere. Burglars know this, and it pays to be cautious with social media even if you do not think your property is much of a target. Over half of residents and homeowners believe their properties will be of little interest to burglars, but a vacant property is exactly what they look for.

Over 75% of convicted burglars believe that other burglars are using social media to locate easy targets. If you do want to share photos, consider waiting until you get back or make sure that every uploaded shot is shared with your friends only. Adjust your privacy settings so that any comments left by others cannot be seen by anyone you are not Facebook friends with. Keep your status updates private and avoid checking in at any overseas locations. Don’t broadcast your destination, check your privacy settings and share your snaps with friends only.

Prevention is always better than cure, but in the event you do suffer a break in or intrusion at your property, our locksmiths in Northampton will be on hand to help. We can also upgrade and improve your locks, carry out uPVC repairs and offer a host of other services to ensure your home is as protected as it can be.