Forms of lock tampering and signs to look out for

The locks you have in place for your property are crucial for keeping it secure. This stops people walking or breaking in easily. You need to be sure that they are installed correctly and are a high enough standard to protect you, your possessions, and property. For situations like this, you can always count on the expert locksmiths Northampton relies on. We even offer advice about issues like lock tampering.

It is wise to know about the signs of some of the more common methods people use to tamper with locks. This knowledge will help you to know when someone has been attempting to break in.


The lock bumping method is a quick and easy way for people to try and break in. While they don’t need special equipment, it is fairly loud and draws attention. This technique leaves nicks around the keyhole and sometimes metal from the force of hitting it.

Luckily, you can invest in a bump-resistant lock. It will offer protection against this break-in method. You should consider one of these whenever you change a lock. Look for the British Standard TS007 Kitemark; this rates the lock 1-3 stars based on bumping protection.

Brute Force

Burglars can use brute force to try and break into a property. They do this by striking the lock, kicking the door down, or drilling through the deadbolt. It can leave a lot of signs that are easy to spot, including bent deadbolts, warped frames or doors, and also paint scratches.

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It is harder to get past a high quality lock with brute force. As a result it is likely you will see more signs of damage if someone has made the attempt. You should call the police immediately if you see any damage. Then, speak to a locksmith to ensure your home is secure.

A locksmith can upgrade your locks if you discover signs of lock tampering. This provides peace of mind as well as preventing people from breaking in. The new locks can ensure there are no vulnerabilities.

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