Frequently asked questions answered by locksmiths

A lot of people have questions about a service before they use it. This is something we understand as the Northampton locksmiths people turn to on a regular basis. So, take the time to read through this FAQ and feel free to contact us if you need any more help.

“What jobs can a locksmith help with?”

There are many instances where our expertise can come in handy. For example, you should re-key your property when you move home or business. Then, you can prevent others from accessing your space. This also applies when moving into a new build home as the contractors might have held onto keys.

“Can I call if I lock myself out?”

Yes, this is something we often help with. We operate all around the clock. So, whatever the time is, if you lock yourself out, we will arrive at your location swiftly to help you. Wherever possible we will avoid breaking the locks in order to save you from having to replace them.

“I have a UPVC door, is this something you can help with?”

Absolutely! We have experience working with and installing uPVC locking mechanisms. Furthermore, we are able to complete uPVC window and door repairs.

“Can I call on you to look at my locks and provide security advice?”

We would be more than happy to provide a free no obligation quote so that you can better understand what work you need and how much it will cost. In addition, we offer security advice for people who are looking to improve their premises. We can also complete a range of work including the installation of security bars.

“Could you help when it is an emergency?”

Indeed – as we said earlier, we operate 24/7 as we understand that emergencies can arise at any time. Whatever the situation, we can be there to offer a solution. You will soon have a top-notch professional at your service as we typically arrive at your location in 30-45 minutes.

“What type of lock do I need?”

Choosing the wrong type of lock will leave you in hot water. You will be vulnerable and can nullify home insurance claims. Most people lack the right level of comprehension when it comes to choosing the right lock for them. This is why people like us are here to work with you and ensure you get a quality lock that is right for your needs. Every mortice lock we supply meets BS-3621 and each cylinder lock has at least 6 pins.

“Can’t I just fit a lock myself?”

Yes, you could install a locking system yourself but this isn’t wise. Professionals have qualifications and experience that enable them to complete various jobs without hassle. Many people think they save money by going the DIY route. However, you leave your security at risk when you take on this job yourself. This can result in huge losses if you fall victim to a burglary.

What are you waiting for? Call on expert Northampton locksmiths

TMN Locksmiths can carry out numerous services and can be a huge help even when your needs are urgent. It is this and our dedication to excellent standards that has allowed us to build a reputation as the best Northampton locksmiths there are. Speak to us today if you want to work with a professional you can rely on.