Get your home security right in summer

The UK has had some wonderful weather in the last few days, sending thousands of people to beaches and out into their gardens. While it is great to enjoy the sun, you need to make sure you don’t leave your home vulnerable. The last thing you want is to find out that thieves have popped in to take what they can. We can help, giving people the advice and support of the best locksmith Northampton can offer.

Windows and doors

Locksmith NorthamptonThe first thing most people do when it gets hot is throw their doors and windows open to get some fresh air into their home. This is fine but you need to be careful. It doesn’t take long for a thief to reach into an open window or walk through an open door to grab something.

One thing you should definitely do is ensure you don’t leave valuables in easy reach. This is especially true at the front of the property if you are spending time in the garden at the back. Make sure you keep things like car keys out of easy reach too.

You also need to be careful about locking up if you plan to leave your property when the weather is nice. Make sure you don’t forget to lock doors and close windows. It may be best to leave your windows on the night latch when you go out so some air can still get into the property but thieves can’t.

The garage

The hot weather may have inspired you to get the bbq, garden furniture and pool out of the garage. Or you may be getting supplies to do the gardening or wash your car. Either way, you need to be careful if you are leaving the garage open. Don’t make it easy for a thief to walk in and steal what they want when you turn your back.

Security upgrades

It may also be a good idea to look at some security updates. People get more relaxed when the weather is good. But at the same time criminals can get more active to take advantage of open windows and doors. So, you may want to think about some extra security. New locks, window grilles, even safes can make your property more secure. TMN can offer a great service here if you need us.

Work with the best locksmith in Northampton

If you need a first rate service, we are the company for you. Our goal is to offer the best solutions 24 hours a day. From lock opening to repairs, new installations and even door and window replacement, we can do it all. That means locals in and around Northampton can trust us for all of their needs.

When you choose us you get the best locksmith Northampton can provide and great value for money too. So, contact us today if you need help. We work around the clock for clients to help them if they have a lock problem or suffer a break in. We can respond quickly to open doors and secure properties.