Have You Been Burgled In Northampton? Do This Next

It’s every homeowners worst nightmare – coming home or waking up to find that your house has been targeted by burglars in your absence.

Of course, the first thing you should always do in this situation is notify the police and have them ensure that nobody who gained access to your home is still there. However, once this is taken care of, your next priority should be to secure your home and leave yourself best protected against this ever happening again.

At TMN Locksmiths, we’ve dealt with these situations plenty of times. Here are a few services that we would recommend to those whose homes have just been burgled in order to allow homeowners some piece of mind that we’ve done everything we can to prevent a similar situation occurring in the future.

Change Your Front Door Lock

Perhaps the most obvious thing you must do after being burgled is have the lock to your front door changed.

Whether or not the burglar had to pick the lock to gain entry into your home, changing the locks is an essential step in securing your home from those who may attempt to target it at any point in the future.

We offer a wide variety of lock-and-key systems – all our cylinder locks are high quality with a minimum of 6 pins and our mortice locks meet insurance requirements BS-3621. Your safety and security is a priority to us – we’ll ensure that your new lock is as safe as can be.

Window Boarding

If the criminal gained access to your home by damaging a window, you’ll certainly want to ensure that this window is secured immediately, even if this is just using temporary measures.

Using high-quality boards, we’re available around the clock to come and secure any loose or broken windows as a temporary measure, taking extra care not to damage the frames and to ensure that nobody could pull the boards free to gain entry into the home.

Window Replacement

Boarding is, of course, a temporary measure.

Here at TMN Locksmiths, we’re able to return at a more convenient time for you and  identify what will need to be done to secure the windows in the long-term. In some cases, this is simply a matter of replacing the glazing alone, though a full window unit replacement is a service that we are equally capable of taking on quickly, professionally and to an incredibly high standard.

We’ll even clean away the broken glass following the break-in, as well as any further mess that occurs during the window replacement process.

Door Fitting


Should the burglar have damaged your front or back door in gaining entry to your home, we can confidently and securely fit your home with a brand new door.


We’re regarded by many as Northampton’s leading establishment for door fittings due to our level of professionalism and skill in carrying out jobs like these. We know that being burgled can be an incredibly distressing situation alone without having to deal with slow or lack-lustre service, or paying a fortune to have your home re-secured – we’ll work hard to get you the best value for money without compromising on the quality of the work.


Home Security Upgrades


We’ll do what we can to ensure that your home is well and truly protected from being targeted by burglars in the future by visiting your home and carrying out a full assessment of your home’s current security levels.


The check of your doors and windows will be in-depth, looking at the locks as well as the frames and glazing for any signs of wear. We will look for anything that could allow someone to break in, including latches that don’t catch properly and glazing that someone could simply push out.


Once we inspect the property we will suggest the best services. This could be something as simple as replacing the locks for new, higher security models.


Get In Touch


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