Helping homeowners recover with proactive burglary aftercare

A survey conducted by the home security specialist ADT and the charity Victim Support polled 1,000 victims of burglary and discovered that one in four suffered symptoms of anxiety or depression following the incident. 37% of people interviewed said they were concerned about street robbery since their home was invaded, and 25% felt that their ability to protect their families had been compromised. The new research highlights the impact of a home burglary and why it is important to take certain steps after to fully secure the property and empower yourself as a homeowner again.

Burglary has unfortunately come to be seen as a minor crime, with many assuming that a successful insurance claim can provide people with comfort and resolution. Although it may help on a practical level, compensation for losses does not restore a sense of safety and security to homeowners.

The responsiveness of professionals after an intrusion plays a big part in helping people. A proactive approach is very effective and instils a sense of confidence that victims of burglary need. Positive police action and continued updates are reassuring for homeowners as they need to know that everything is being done to catch the perpetrators.

The survey also found that locksmiths can play an active role in supporting homeowners following a break in. As specialist locksmiths in Northampton, we pride ourselves on delivering the finest possible services to our customers and as part of our comprehensive list of services we offer high quality burglary aftercare.

We know the sense of urgency when an incident like this occurs and we will send skilled, friendly and supportive locksmiths to help you immediately. The first thing they will do is restore security to your home, whether that involves fitting new locks, boarding or replacing windows, enhancing door security systems, or taking any other kind of steps. Once this is complete, we can carry out free security checks, offer window security upgrades, fit extra locks and add security bars if required.