Helping you feel safe again after a break in

There are various reasons you may require our services. Unfortunately, one of these is helping people deal with their buildings after burglaries. In situations like these be sure to call experts. The speed and care we show people are why we are the locksmiths Northampton can rely on.

What You Need To Do

You should not enter your property if you find a burglary has taken place. Always call the police because you may disturb evidence or discover the criminal has not left. After this contact your insurance company so you can get the ball rolling on making a claim. The insurer may also be able to help you to determine which items are missing or damaged.

After this, it can be overwhelming trying to deal with the aftermath. This is why people like us exist; we can be a helping hand. We know that emergencies can happen at any time of day. This is precisely the reason why we are here for you 24/7. You don’t have to wait for the help you need.

What We Can Do For You

If someone has broken into your property, you want any issues fixing immediately. This may include securing doors and replacing locks. If you need windows boarding up, we can do this for your whole property and replace the glass within 24 hours. Our team is friendly and courteous, always doing our best work while being fast.

Second burglaries are rare but it doesn’t stop people worrying about it. For those who are still concerned we also offer free, no-obligation security advice. This helps you to look at the measures you have in place and possible upgrades to give you peace of mind.

TMN Locksmiths is here to help both commercial and domestic properties. Our various services are cost effective yet high quality. When you need professionals you can rely on, contact the locksmiths Northampton loves. We will arrive quickly to give you the help you need while remaining courteous.