A new home calls for new locks

Locks are what keep our property safe as well as ourselves, but there are times when they can fail us. Be it wear and tear from age or some other form of damage, our team possesses the skills and equipment necessary to either get your locks back into shape, or replace them with a better system altogether. Operating on a 24/7 basis, our locksmiths in Northampton are able to aid you at any time.

Something that is often overlooked when it comes to moving to a new home is changing the locks. You are nearly twice as likely to be robbed if you don’t do this and one of the main reasons why is that there’s a possibility that individuals could be holding a duplicate key. Therefore, to give yourself peace of mind, upgrade your current security to ensure you know exactly who has a key.

There’s a fair degree of stress involved in a move so it’s no surprise that people often forget to switch the locks. Unless you happened to know and trust the previous tenants, it’s very unlikely that you’ll know exactly how many spare keys were cut and are in circulation.

According to statistics released by the Home Office, in the twelve months following your move the chances of you being burgled are almost twice as likely. The average burglary rate is 2.5%, but for those who move house it shoots up to 4.6%. When compared with those who have owned their property for a decade or more, you are nearly three times as likely to be ransacked, since the average rate is 1.6% in this case.

At TMN Locksmiths in Northampton we can help anyone who has recently moved into a new house. We choose to run an around the clock service because we want our customers to know that help is always available should they require it. If your locks are in need of attention, our team should be your first choice.