How good are key safes?

If you want the ability to leave a spare key somewhere it is easily accessible but not vulnerable to thieves, a key safe is a great choice. They are becoming particularly popular in the UK for staycation accommodation. With them, owners can give guests the chance to enjoy contactless check in. If you are thinking of getting one though, choose a quality product and professional installation. As the top locksmith Northampton has, we can offer lots of advice.

What type to choose?

Locksmith NorthamptonThere are lots of different styles of key safe. For example you can choose products with three or four number wheels. Or, you could choose modern alternatives such as digital ones with keypads or even Bluetooth enabled options. The latter can let people gain access as long as they scan their smartphone.

What you need to think about is the level of security that each of these can offer. The more possible combinations, the harder it will be to crack. Modern digital keypads are really useful because they can even have a feature that changes the layout so people can’t just look at the wear pattern to guess the code.

You also need to ensure that you can choose a key safe that won’t be easy to just pull off the wall or smash open. Both will compromise the security of the property.

Where to put it?

Your first thought will probably be to put the key safe close to the door so it is easy to find and access. However, keep in mind that this can also make it easy for thieves to spot. It is better to choose a location that is hidden from view. This will hide it from people who pass by. Ideally you want it so the only people that know it is even there are the ones who actually need to get the key.

Talk to a top locksmith in Northampton

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