How secure is your home really?

As the best locksmiths in Northampton we work very hard to help people keep their homes secure. We offer first rate services, including security checks, lock repairs, upgrades, and more. With our support you can have more peace of mind that burglars will have trouble getting into your home.

Are your locks good enough?

Locksmiths in NorthamptonMost people lock their door and don’t think any more of it. However, the locks you use may not actually be good enough to keep the property secure. For starters they may be poor quality replicas of popular brands rather than real, high quality products. You should really pay the extra to get a proper Yale or Chubb lock that is PAS 24, ADQ, or Secure by Design approved. Where possible the lock should have the BSI Kitemark.

If you have a uPVC door you should ensure you engage the lock properly. With most doors you need to lift the handle first and then turn the key to secure the lock. Never assume that the door is locked simply because you have lifted the handle.

You should also ensure there isn’t a big gap between the lock and door frame. If there is, a burglar may be able to slide a card in and unhook the lock.

Even double bolted doors can have flaws

Another problem is that people think their home is safe because they have two locks. However burglars could unlock the main lock and then reach up to flick a latch higher up the door by putting a coat hanger through the letterbox. In very little time someone could gain entrance.

While two locks are better than one, you still need to ensure they are high quality and up to the task.

Relying on the alarm

A third thing lots of people do is rely on their burglar alarm to deter criminals. While they can alert people to a break in, alarms cannot physically stop people. Lots of burglars will act so quickly that even triggering won’t stop them. It is quite common to see them quickly take car or house keys that have been left out on show close to the door.

The solution here is to ensure you put your keys away where they are not easy to see. Make sure they are far enough from doors that it is impossible to snatch them and run.

Work with the top locksmiths in Northampton

If you are wondering if your home is actually secure, we would be happy to help. You can speak to us about locks and arrange a professional service. We can even do a survey and offer advice about what you could do to make sure you are not vulnerable to burglary.

To learn more and work with the best locksmiths Northampton has, call or email us. We can be with you quickly if there is an emergency.