How technology has helped locksmithing

Being one of the best locksmiths Northampton has to offer, we have seen the industry progress away from many traditional methods due to technology. New technologies have allowed us to better secure our homes. In addition, they significantly alter our approach towards day to day things. Most importantly, it has provided us with more choice; not just lock and key.

The developments in locksmithing

There are many pinnacle points of how technology has progressed locksmithing. One of which was the introduction of smart locks. This technology has supported home security in a much more convenient way. Furthermore, this has only been possible with thanks to smart phones; with many supporting lock and key apps.

As well as smart locks, we have safeguarded our homes even more with HD CCTV. The many locksmiths can install such technology and link it with your smart phone. This has become increasingly popular, as it’s capable of capturing burglars 24/7. Furthermore, the software has multiple features making it suitable for most people.

Although its history isn’t recent, burglar alarm systems continue to deter many thieves from properties. Now, many alarm systems also work with smart phones. If the alarm is ever triggered, it will send an alert to your device. On top of this you can integrate the alarms with your smart locks. Thankfully, many locksmiths possess the expertise to install this technology.

Is this the end of traditional locks?

When examining the progress of technology, it has affected the locksmith industry. However, this hasn’t phased out traditional methods. But instead, it has allowed it to adapt to new security methods; meaning more efficient ways to safeguard your home.

We are a reputable, trustworthy team, enjoying a reputation as one of the best Locksmiths Northampton has. We understand the need for well rounded knowledge of the technology above. However, we still hold experience in conventional locks for older properties.

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