The ins and outs of master lock systems

Master key systems are important for buildings that are broken down into separate properties, such as large office buildings with various units, retail spaces in shopping centres and apartment blocks. They allow people to only access specific areas, whilst also allowing building managers and cleaners to get everywhere they need to. Master systems are good for custodians because they won’t need to carry large rings of keys and can allow access if inhabitants lose theirs.

Unfortunately, there are also a number of potential problems with this sort of system. Losing a master key will give people access to the entire building. The holders of master keys need to be trusted because they will have the power to go wherever they want in the property, including some areas that would usually be restricted.

If you lose the key for a master system it can be hard to replace it if no other copies exist. A professional would need to look at the locks in the group and determine what shape the replacement key needs to be to successfully open each one. This makes the process extremely time consuming and can result in very big costs.

The best way to avoid the cost and hassle of replacing lost master keys is to have a spare one in a secure location as a backup. If you can’t do this, the original key should have a code on it so that it can be identified. You should write this down when the system is first installed so you can reproduce it if a new key ever needs to be cut.

The best way to deal with lost master keys is to seek help from our experienced locksmiths in Northampton. We will be able to give you access to the property before we set about producing a new key for you. We are renowned for our reliability, we offer a high quality service, and we are always on hand for our clients when they need us.