Keep intruders firmly locked out with a deadbolt

Deadbolt locks provide more security than spring operated ones because they cannot be worked open. Once locked, they are secured in place and can only be opened by using the key. They will resist forced attempts to gain entry because the bolt will extend further into the frame of the door. This gives the whole unit more strength and stability.

One concern with deadbolt locks is that they can be susceptible to lock bumping, a picking technique that could be used to gain entry. Fortunately there are variants of the lock that are bump proofed to offer additional protection. If you are looking at maximising the security of your property you should consider opting for this kind of lock.

A deadbolt should extend a minimum of an inch into the doorframe. The bolt should be made of hardened steel so it is immensely durable and won’t be susceptible to bending or snapping. You also need to ensure the frame of the door itself is strong and sturdy. It is no use investing in a strong lock if an intruder will simply be able to smash through the frame.

There are three different types of deadbolt lock to choose from so you can select the most appropriate one for a number of settings. They are;

Single cylinder – these can only be opened with a key from one side. On the opposite side there is a thumb knob to open the bolt. These are best used where there is no glass that could be broken through to reach the lock.

Double cylinder – opened with a key on both sides. They are more secure and can be installed anywhere, including where there is glass.

Keyless cylinder – a modern variation operated by a keypad or biometric scanner rather than a key. They are easy to use and avoid issues such as lost or stolen keys.

At TMN Locksmiths we are committed to helping property owners in Northampton to maximise the security of their properties. We can offer advice about the various types of locks that are available and help you to choose the perfect ones. From here we can provide installation services, repairs and lock opening too.