Keep your garage safe from thieves

Locksmith in NorthamptonWith summer now in full swing and the UK getting plenty of sun, many people will be spending more time in the garden. Whether it is relaxing with a drink, rolling out the BBQ, or getting stuck in to the gardening, you will probably be going in your garage more often. With that in mind, you should give a thought to how secure it is. The last thing you want is someone to break in. As a top locksmith in Northampton, we can offer lots of useful tips and great services.

Get a good lock

Garage doors are naturally less secure than the ones on your home. This could mean it is easy for a thief to break in and take what they want. What you should do is ensure you have a good quality lock that is difficult to pick or break.

Close the door

While it might seem like common sense, closing the garage door is important for deterring thieves. It is tempting to leave it open when you are working in the garden and may need to keep going back and forth. However, all it takes is a few moments for a thief to nip in unseen and grab what they can. You should get in to the habit of keeping the door closed so this can’t happen. You may even want to invest in an automatic closer.

Side doors and windows

A number of garages have a side door and windows as well as the main overhead door. It is no good having a good quality lock on the main door and leaving an old rusty one on the other one. Make sure you install a good one here and ensure the door fits properly so a criminal can’t easily get past it. Keep an eye on windows too; if they are single pane or the frame is in poor condition it is easy to break in.


It is always a good idea to have motion sensitive lighting near the garage. This means it will trigger if anyone gets close and can alert you and others at night if someone is trying to break in.

Think about storage

Your garage could be home to all kinds of expensive items that criminals could steal and look to make quick cash on. This includes things like bicycles and power tools. What you should do is ensure you store all of these things properly. Don’t simply leave them lying around close to the garage door or window. Put them away out of sight and even consider locking things up so it is difficult to remove them from the garage at all.

Work with a top locksmith in Northampton

Garages are a luxury and can add great value to your property. However, you need to protect them, even if you don’t store any valuables here. The last thing you want to do is make your property a target for criminals. This is especially true if the garage connects directly to your house and includes an internal door. You don’t want someone breaking in and then being able to walk right into your home to take what they want.

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