Keeping your home safe from modern threats

As the nights and evenings will soon become darker, especially with the regular clock change coming in October, the chances of burglary increase simply because of the fact that there’s more darkness for potential intruders to hide in. It’s important to crack down on the possibility of being burgled before it’s too late, and you can achieve this by getting new home security measures from our skilled locksmiths in Northampton.

Thefts in households rise 5% in the week following the clock change and November is the worst time in the year for break-ins, seeing a 20% rise – according to recently published data from insurer Aviva.  To prevent your home from becoming one of those unfortunate households, it’s important to take the necessary precautions and protect yourself and your home. Better home security can also help you save money on your insurance premiums too, so it’s a win-win situation.

Of course, if a potential intruder knows that a property is empty, they are much more likely to strike. In the past we simply had to think about issues such as leaving the lights on or not allowing post to build up when our home was unattended, but now we also have to be careful about letting too much information slip on social media sites. Intruders may be able to see when you’re on holiday or away for the night simply from an update of your social media, so you need to be very careful. Those photos of cocktails by the pool or the regular status updates could all be seen by potential burglars on your social media accounts, letting them know there’s a free house to enter.

If you want to ensure your home is secure, you should think about reviewing your privacy settings to make your profile private, or simply waiting to tell your friends and family about your great time once you return. This will help you to reduce the risk.

Many people are concerned about the price of investing in new security measures but it can be actually very rewarding. Not not only will it reduce your home insurance premium but also offers peace of mind. Our locksmiths in Northampton can provide you with expert advice on ways to ensure your home stays safe and secure throughout all the long, cold, dark nights and well into the future. From updating your locks with stronger, newer ones, to being more careful about disclosing your location on social media sites, there are various different ways you can protect yourself from the security threats facing your home.