Knowing when it’s time for a change

Locksmithing skills have evolved alongside products to meet a wider array of needs. There are many different types of lock to choose from, including traditional mechanical ones and modern electronic varieties. As a result locksmiths need to have appropriate training and experience to work with each of them.

At TMN Locksmiths we provide services in both in the domestic and commercial sectors. Our team are highly trained and experienced, utilising an array of techniques to provide the best solution to all manner of problems. No matter the issue, nothing is too great a challenge.

Home security is absolute vital regardless of where you live. In our country, over two thirds of break-ins occur through the front door. The lock on it is present to keep everyone and everything safe, so it must have high endurance, be strong and last. There are a number of times when changing locks is the best choice and it is important that you possess knowledge of when these moments are.

If your keys have been permanently lost, then locks need to be changed immediately. When you think about it, there’s less hassle in replacing the locks outright, as opposed to sorting out the aftermath of a break in, just because someone had unrestricted access to your home.

Since the front door acts as your home’s main point of entry, it’s used extensively throughout the year, with the keys going through the lock several times a day. As time passes, locks can become rusted or worn out, becoming more fragile as a result. Visible rust signs or turning problems mean it is replacement time. If a lock becomes damaged in general, it shall become weak and extra susceptible to break-ins.

When you move to a new property it is also wise to consider changing the locks as soon as possible. It is immensely difficult to determine exactly who will have a key the property. The older it is the more previous residents there will have been. Each could still have a key. Additionally throughout this period keys could have been lost or misplaced numerous times. A quick change boosts security and means you know exactly who has a copy.

Changing locks is one area we excel at. We can provide fast, highly secure replacements for all kinds of doors. We recommend you never take chances with a lock and ensure reliable ones are in place. If concerns have been raised by anyone, make certain to call in the experts. When you need us, rest assured that our response will be a quick one.