Knowing when it is time to change the keys for your business

Northampton locksmithIt can be very costly to run a business and you might look at areas where you can save a few pounds. We are here to tell you one area in which you should never do this is with building security. You need to invest in a Northampton locksmith you can trust instead of risking the security of the property. In fact a business can actually save a lot of money from a rekey or changing the locks. This is through not having to deal with the expensive costs of replacing equipment or fixing damage from a burglary.

Here are some of the times when you should look at business locks.

Compromised security

You will want to get new keys for the business if anyone loses a set or any fall into the wrong hands. By ensuring the old ones no longer work, you can secure the building. As a result you won’t have to worry about dealing with the aftermath of a break-in.

It is entirely possible that an unhappy ex-employee still has a spare key. You won’t want them to be able to return and steal anything or hurt anyone. Changing the locks prevents this. It is also really helpful if anyone loses a key.

Moving premises

A new building brings so many possibilities with it. This should not include the chance to have the contents of the property stolen and the building vandalised. Doing the smart thing and changing all of the locks before you move in allows you to start off without the need to worry about security.

Even if someone kept a key, they will not be able to use it when you call a Northampton locksmith for help. Furthermore, you will not have to worry that the locking mechanisms in place are old and worn; instead you can rely on new, top of the range locks. You then know that each one is up to the job of keeping everything and everyone safe.

After announcing layoffs

A business that has had to lay-off staff will often change the locks in order to ensure the property is secure from any disgruntled employees. It is possible that an unhappy former worker will do something regrettable when they are not thinking right. Management won’t have to worry about individuals returning after contacting a locksmith. This is especially helpful when an organisation has let many people go over the years and cannot be certain that there aren’t spare keys out there.

Don’t miss out and call a first-rate Northampton locksmith

A commercial lock does differ to those used for homes in that they are built to be more secure, and sturdier. In addition they are made to handle higher levels of traffic. This means costs can be higher and work is more complicated than if it were a job for a home. It is crucial that you contact a professional for your needs. You can then invest in a quality security solution for your business.

If the time has come and you need new keys or locks for your business, don’t delay and call on TMN. As a reputable Northampton locksmith, we can attend to your lock concerns, including repairing your locks and replacing them. Get in contact with us today for a free, no-obligation quote.