Lock drilling is a last resort

Whether you lose a key or the lock mechanism itself sticks or breaks, you will want a quick solution. However, you should consider all of the options first. Never rush to breaking down the door or drilling the lock. The best thing to do is to speak to a locksmith to see what they can do. As the top locksmiths Northampton has, we are a team you can always rely on.

Start with picking

The first thing to try is picking the lock to see if it possible to open it. Most locksmiths will begin with hand tools to see if they can spring it. This can give them the chance to feel if there are issues inside the mechanism.

If the locksmith doesn’t get anywhere with picks, it is wise to move on to an electric pick gun. It could offer the extra power to open the lock. However, if there is no response, they should move on to another technique.


It is possible to bump some types of lock to open them. This involves using a bump key and striking it to try and open the pins. Locksmiths can try standard or modified bump keys to see if they get a response. After just a few minutes of trying the locksmith should be able to tell if bumping will work.

Look for an alternative entry point

If there is no response from the lock it is time to look for alternative entry points. It may be possible to safely enter the property via another door or a window. Or, it may be possible to pick or bump the lock on one of these. This is better than having to resort to destructive entry.

No other option

Locksmiths NorthamptonIf there is absolutely no other option, lock drilling is all you can do. Here you have to be ready for the locksmith to destroy the mechanism. This should open the door so you can gain entry.

However, the job is not finished. You must get the locksmith to install a brand new lock before they leave. This will ensure that you can lock the door again rather than having to leave it open. Any replacement should be a high quality model.

It is also important to keep in mind that lock drilling won’t always work. Some locks are designed specifically to prevent it. As a result they include pins that are very hard steel. They will destroy the drill bits long before breaking. Some cylinder locks have a plastic rotating cam. Drilling through it can mean that the lock will never turn again.

With the above in mind it is wise to check the lock first before rushing in to drilling. The goal should be to make sure that it will be possible to drill it. If not, it is better to choose an alternate lock on the perimeter of the property.

Work with the leading locksmiths in Northampton

TMN Locksmiths is a team with a huge amount of experience and a track record of successfully opening all kinds of locks. We work hard to offer the very best service for every single client. This includes fast responses 24 hours a day.

We will look closely at every single lock to decide the best course of action. In many cases non-destructive methods will work and we can look at repairs to get the lock back in working order. However, if replacement is the only option, we can fit new, high quality locks for you.

So, speak to the top locksmiths Northampton has if you ever have an issue. We work on all kinds of domestic and commercial properties.