Lock snapping is a threat that you can avoid with help from a professional locksmith

Most modern UPVC doors and a number of aluminium and composite doors use a Euro cylinder lock. These multi-point locking systems are seen as highly secure. But, in many low quality locks the cylinders can be snapped. This allows people to open the door very easily. There has been a big rise in lock snapping crimes in the UK over recent years. This even lead to the BBC show Watchdog Test House to air an episode in March 2014 dedicated to it. As trusted locksmiths in Northampton, we know all about this. 

A serious issue

Locksmiths in NorthamptonSnapping the cylinders in locks is relatively easy if they are low quality. Criminals don’t even need any specialist equipment to help them gain entry; they can simply use a hammer, screwdriver and brute force to snap the cylinder and expose the locking mechanism. It is remarkable how quickly someone can break a lock and access a property in this manner.

Lock snapping is a big threat but it is one that can be easily combated by upgrading your cylinders to ones that have been specially designed to prevent damage. If you choose a TS007 approved lock. then you need to ensure it has the Kitemark logo. This indicates it has been tested by a third party and it is proven to be resistant to snapping.

With TS007 the best thing to do is choose a three star cylinder that has been heavily tested. An alternative is to choose a one star cylinder but also select two star escutcheons for extra security and to prevent access to the mechanism if broken. A third alternative is to choose an SS312 Diamond Lock developed by Sold Secure. This cylinder offers the highest level of protection.

Let locksmiths in Northampton help you stay secure

Whatever option you choose it is important that you hire professional locksmiths in Northampton such as TMN. This will help ensure you get the size of the cylinder right. Getting this wrong will make the door vulnerable and defeat the objective of having a secure lock in the first place. By consulting professionals you can then get help and advice about the best products and ensure you get the sizing right. It will also ensure you get a first rate fitting rather than a potential DIY headache.