There’s more than locks and keys to our services

If there’s one thing that we don’t believe we’ve ever heard from our customers, it would be that they were in no rush for our services. More often than not, when you need a locksmith you’re facing an emergency that you need to be resolved as soon as possible. We are well aware of this, and have established our services so we can offer the ultimate in speed and reliability. Customers who have called on us in their moment of need have always been kind enough to confirm this with their testimonials.

Although we make ourselves available around the clock, this does not mean that we take our time in getting to you. Our aim is always to reach you within an hour, and in most cases we can get to you in half that time. When we say we get to you, we don’t mean that we rush to you, evaluate and assess the situation and then inform you we need to go off and fetch the tools – we arrive ready to work and do what needs doing then and there.

Whether you need to gain access to your house or car because you’ve misplaced your keys, or if your front door lock needs repair or replacement, in the overwhelming majority of cases we will be able to complete the work on our initial visit. Our team drive to calls equipped with all the equipment required to access, replace or fix locks. And when we say all the equipment, we mean everything – we even bring the machines and equipment to clean up after our work has been done, leaving the work area clean and neat.

In order to earn our reputation as leading locksmiths in Northampton, we’ve always provided the level of service we would want to get if we were in need. There’s more to what we do than simply solving problems that relate to locks and keys, as you will find when you call us out in your moment of need.