Locks – Should you repair or replace?

There are several issues with your locks that can lead to you calling us. For example a lock may sometimes fail to catch or not work at all. Whatever your needs are, we will provide you with an effective solution. When you invest in the locksmiths Northampton loves, we won’t let you down.

The Right Solution

Without a look at your locks, it is impossible to know what condition they are in. In a lot of situations we find a small issue with a quick fix, but then discover a lock that doesn’t offer security of a high enough standard.

We always use non destructive methods to access your locks. As a result they stay intact, along with your door and the frame. We can then carry out necessary repairs rather than having no other choice than to replace them. In a number of cases this is the best option because it is faster and has a smaller bill.

Various Factors

We will take many aspects into account when making suggestions about whether to replace or repair your locks. As well as the nature of the issue your lock has, we look at other elements. This includes the security it offers your property and how we think it will perform long term.

The issue may be that the locks have been installed poorly, are starting to suffer from age or are low quality. One measure of quality is BS 3621, the British Standard for thief resistant locks. It is essential for various insurance companies and if you don’t have them it may invalidate your claim. You also need to pay attention to the number of pins; all cylinder locks we provide have a minimum of 6 for peace of mind.

Advice From The Best

As a general rule, repairing a lock is more cost effective than replacing. But we always take all details into account. As a part of our work, we like to be comprehensive. This is why we offer you free advice with no obligations. Then we can let you know that while a repair is possible, it is not the best course of action.

Reach out to TMN Locksmiths today. We work with all kinds of locks to give you the best security for your property. If you are looking at locksmiths Northampton has no one they trust more.